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  Coverage Bot

Track Web articles, YouTube videos and Twitch streams during your influencer/content-creator marketing and video game launch campaigns

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React to your video game coverage & mentions across the Web, YouTube and Twitch!


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Mini Marketing Summit

Mini Marketing Summit graphic

In July, during Develop conference, we invited the brightest, most experienced minds in indie games marketing all into one room, and asked: how do indie games get discovered?

— Chris Zukowski (HowToMarketAGame.com) — Suzanne Wallace (IndieBard.co) — Thomas Reisenegger (Future Friends) — Ruby Adams (Disobey) — Lou Jones (YRS TRULY) — Lauren Moses (Neonhive) — Joshua Brown (FuturLab)

With over 100 attendees seeking answers from our expert speakers and panelists, it was a ruckus. An absolute blast!

If you weren't there, luckily we took some video. Here's what you missed! 👇

Watch the Talks!

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Kris Wingfield-Bennett
Kris Wingfield-Bennett
Director at Future Friends Games

Coverage Bot (and IMPRESS in general) has become our go-to for all our client and published games when it comes to influencer coverage reporting (both Twitch & YouTube). It's quick and easy to set up, has Discord integration and built-in reporting. It just works really well, love it!

Thank you, Ashley!

Conor Clarke
Conor Clarke
Marketing & Comms at Boneloaf

Coverage Bot has allowed us to monitor Twitch and YouTube coverage of Gang Beasts in an effective and efficient manner. It makes it very easy to keep track of who's streaming the game, and brings us closer to our fans!

Very impress-ive!

Martijn van der Meulen
Martijn van der Meulen
Co-founder of Snap Finger Click

Coverage Bot has been a great addition for our community. At Snap Finger Click we create multiplayer party games with a dedicated Twitch mode which lets streamers play directly with their viewers, so having a bot reporting in Discord when people are playing our games is absolutely perfect.

We couldn't do without it now.

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