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Name Credit
Ashley Gwinnell Chief 'Everything' Officer
(Founder, Design, Development, Support)
Tom Waterhouse Key Artist (Freelance)
Alessandro Cossidente Copywriter (Freelance)

Press Kit Localisations

Language Name / Credit
German Phil Strahl from Pixel Prophecy
French Evian from Eternal Twin
Dutch @MrPeanutBelly working on SCP-087: Staircase 55
Ukrainian Andrii Raboshchuk from unlocteam.com
Croatian Leo Tot from Reboot Develop
Japanese Kazuya Numajiri from Studio Asahi
Simplified Chinese Rick Zhang from Neverland Entertainment
Polish Michał Gembicki from remote control productions.
Please get in touch if you can localise another language!

Special Thanks

Josh Regan / Raredrop Games
James Parker / Ground Shatter
Tim Constant / Panic Barn
Nick Dymond / monomoon
James Brown / Boneloaf
Kris Wingfield-Bennett / Future Friends Games
Justin / Dream Harvest Games
Joe Blakeston
Pixel Prophecy
Bret Hudson
Rami Ismail
Renee Gittins
Arvid Kahl
Bristol Games Hub Community
Contributors to Open Source Software projects!

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