IMPRESS indie game marketing toolkit for video games community managers!


For video games community managers!

Are you a community manager in the video games industry?
If so, you know just how important your role in building, nurturing and growing a community of loyal fans is.


If you're part of a small indie team, micro-publisher or lean pr/marketing agency, you'll also likely be:

  • The spokesperson providing updates on the game's progress and engaging with the public.
  • The interface between the players and the team, shaping the roadmap of bugs, issues and feature requests.
  • The manufacturer of buzz and organiser of events to keep folks engaged.
  • The person maybe also helping out with social media, and even interfacing with influencers...

That can be a lot to carry!

You're wearing many hats. You can't get much help. You're feeling overloaded.
And it's even worse knowing that everything you do is essential to ensure the game's success!

I've felt this way before too — and that's why I've created...

Your all-in-one indie game marketing toolkit!

Here's how it's helpful to video game Community Managers:

Get notified immediately when Twitch streamers play your game!

Never miss the opportunity to join an influencer stream, because Coverage Bot pings you in your Discord or Slack server.

With an integrated share button, you can also involve your community in your influencer ops – raids, giveaways, whatever you like!

Get notified immediately when people talk about your game!

Find new points of discussion from your extended community on major platforms like Reddit, TikTok, YouTube and more!
Coverage Bot is always looking out for you!

Understand your Steam community feedback!

Our Steam Review Word Cloud tool helps you visualise and understand what your Steam players like and dislike about your game!

Create easy-to-digest reports – in one simple click!

Making reports isn't your job — analyzing, understanding or presenting them is! Coverage Bot automations remove the busywork.

Create and update your Press Kits quickly and easily!

No developer experience required. With Press Kitty, you can update your game and company press kits whenever you need to – like when someone asks for bespoke assets!

Collaborate with your whole Team!

With no limit on number of team members within the IMPRESS platform, you can easily collaborate – and get the help you need straight away!

I hope you can see the goal here:

Bring everything together, streamline your workflows alongside automations, and make your role as a video game community manager as easy as it can be!

— Ashley, founder of IMPRESS

Gang Beasts
Conor Clarke
Conor Clarke
Marketing & Comms at Boneloaf

Coverage Bot has allowed us to monitor Twitch and YouTube coverage of Gang Beasts in an effective and efficient manner. It makes it very easy to keep track of who's streaming the game, and brings us closer to our fans!

Very impress-ive!

Paper Trail
Henry Hoffman
Henry Hoffman
Co-founder of Newfangled Games

We've integrated Coverage Bot into our marketing strategy at Newfangled Games. We now get Slack notifications whenever a streamer goes live playing Paper Trail!


Paper Trail
Kris Wingfield-Bennett
Kris Wingfield-Bennett
Director at Future Friends Games

Coverage Bot (and IMPRESS in general) has become our go-to for all our client and published games when it comes to influencer coverage reporting (both Twitch & YouTube). It's quick and easy to set up, has Discord integration and built-in reporting. It just works really well, love it!

Thank you, Ashley!

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Your indie game marketing toolkit! Influencer monitoring, marketing analytics, press kits, and bonus Steam tools to grow your games business — for indie devs, publishers, and PR professionals!

Your indie game marketing toolkit!

Influencer monitoring, marketing analytics, press kits, and bonus Steam tools to grow your games business — for indie devs, publishers, and PR professionals!

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