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Coverage Bot is a PR & influencer tracking and reporting tool purpose-built for the video games industry.

Coverage Bot simplifies your coverage reporting processes by automating the searching for you and enabling you to build reports in a few simple clicks. No more manual searching and pasting or importing links. No more spending extra cash for YouTube, Twitch and TikTok support. Just quickly and easily share the value of your marketing work, making happy staff and happy clients.

Quick Comparison

Feature Coverage Bot CoverageBook
Coverage Limit 🟢 5000 clips/month 🟠 100 clips/month
User Limit 🟢 None 🟠 5 Users
Price 🟢 From $64/month! 🟠 From $99/month!
Web Coverage Tracking 🟢 Yes ❌ No
YouTube Tracking 🟢 Yes ❌ No
Twitch Tracking 🟢 Yes ❌ No
TikTok Tracking 🟢 Yes ❌ No
Time To Import Data 🟢 None! ❌ Hours!
PR Metrics 🟢 Yes 🟢 Yes
Share Online 🟢 Yes 🟢 Yes
PDF Export ❌ No 🟢 Yes
CSV Export 🟢 Yes 🟢 Yes
Report Designer 🟠 Header Graphic only 🟢 Full Customisability
Example Reports Ludum Dare report
What The Bat report
Link Visit Visit
For more about PR coverage reporting, and also why monitoring your game's online brand presence is essential for games community growth, read our blog post on the topic — or find out more about Coverage Bot in the links below!

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  Coverage Bot

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