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27th July 2022

Steam Revenue Calculator

A wild 'tangent' appears! You use 'numbers'. It's super effective!

It's only been a few days since the last update, but today we're kicking our first mini/side-project out of the door — a Steam Revenue Calculator!

You should use this tool to look at competitors in your market analysis, and to solidify your pitch deck before sending to games publishers. It's using the Boxleiter method, which has a few caveats (below), but it works for a large proportion of games that perform around the average.


1. This formula calculates Net Revenue based on an estimated "Number of Sales Per Review". Estimates are just that: estimates!

2. If you're checking your own game and the calculation is way off the mark, consider trying to improve your review rate! You could be getting more Steam store visibility – and making more money! Thank me later!

3. If a game has adult/mature themes, consider that not everyone will want to review that publicly!

4. Players of certain genres will leave reviews more often than others. If you have any concrete data on this, please reach out!

Data Source/s:

1. The excellent GameDiscoverCo.

That's it for today. Let us know what you think on Twitter or Discord!

- Ashley